How to use Pinterest for meal planning

I cook and I really believe in the family dinner, I think that’s a nice time to bring the family together.

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Deciding what to feed the family every day is tough. It often feels like a thankless task and you end up sticking to the same faithful meals you have always made because sometimes that’s just easier. If you know the family will like it and won’t moan you’ll keep on making it. Isn’t it getting boring though? Wouldn’t you like some new meals in your life, and meals that everyone is happy to try? Here’s an idea for you to put a bit of life into your meal planning for the week, and get the family involved.

Pinterest is one of those sites where I could lose hours of my life if I’m not careful, but it’s great for getting ideas together in one space, and finding new ideas. There are so many recipes on there, and here’s where you can use Pinterest to help you refresh your meals and step away from the same old same old.

First, why not create some boards for meal ideas. Boards are like folders where you can save groups of ideas. They are personal to you, and you can call them whatever you want. My own Pinterest account has boards such as ‘Slow cooker recipes’, ‘veggie ideas’, ‘packed lunches’ and even the very fabulous ‘pies’ board. They are really easy to set up, and then as you scroll through posts you can add meals you like the look of, saved for trying when you are ready.

Searching for ideas is simple too – give it a go. Search just the word ‘chicken‘, or try ‘quick dinner ideas‘ (in fact, just click those words – I’ve already searched them for you). You’ll be amazed at how much is there to inspire you.

I like the idea of going one step further and get the family involved.

Set up a board and share it with your family members. You could call it something like ‘Dinner this week’ and then add the meals you decide you would like to cook for the week so that everyone knows what will be on the table, or you could ask everyone to add one or two meal ideas each and share the planning.

You might find they are really keen to contribute, which then takes some of the pressure off you. Once you’re confident and in the swing of things you could contribute your own recipes.

Thank you so much to my friend Lyndsey of Lyndsey Smith Photography for this idea. I shamelessly pinched it and absolutely love it!

Two children preparing food

If you find a recipe on a website that you want to save you can also pin that directly into your Pinterest board to link back to. You could add your family favourites, or recipes that you create. It’ll store it somewhere safe for future, and it’s fun to see how many people pin your ideas to their own boards. There is the option to keep your boards secret, so if you just want somewhere to store recipes but don’t want to save them, that’s fine too.

If you find an account that you love you can choose to follow them, just like you can on Instagram. Go ahead, set up your Pinterest account and have a look at some accounts and ideas that you like the look of.

Be warned though, before you know it you’ll have your recipe boards plus a heap of ideas for the house….. and shoes…….. and hair…….. and holidays…….. and the garden……….

Please note:  This post is intended to be general information that applies to people who don’t have diagnosed medical conditions and are not pregnant, and any figures correct at the time of writing. As always, please see a registered professional before making changes to your diet⁠.

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